1.  Hastinapur was the most opulent and developed place in the history of mankind during Mahabharat’s time.
  2. Yudhistira learnt to play dice form the Sage Vrihadaswa who narrated the story of Nala and Damayanti in their exile.
  3. Krishna said to Arjun in Bhagwat Geeta “Oh  invincible one, you are Nara and I am Hari Narayana, and we, Nara-Narayana, have come to this world at proper time to preach righteousness to mankind.”
  4. Iravana, Son of Uloopi and Arjun, self-sacrificed to the goddess Kali to the victory of the Pandavas in the war. But he wished to marry a girl before dying, so to fulfill his wish Krishna took Mohini Avatar and married Iravana.
  5. Two of Dhritarashtra’s sons, Vikarna and Yuyutsu did not approve Duryodhana’s actions and had protested against Draupadi being staked in the game of dice.
  6. Draupadi’s brother Dhristadhyumna was a re-incarnation of Eklavya!
  7. Mahabharata war began on Mrigashira shudda ekadashi Nakshatra. The war lasted for 18 days.
  8. The most powerful warrior in Mahabharat, Barbarik- Bhima’s grandson  and Ghatotkacha’s son  was only a spectator.