I wish people loved their passion the way they loved themselves. It’s passion that keeps you alive. Fierce. Energetic. Strong. Yet graceful! There’s no greater pleasure than seeing a person with passion in his eyes. They seem to captivate a world inside themselves. Such a world- that only belongs to them.
But that fire takes no time to die out when the worldly pressure gets beyond its endurance. That’s the point where life makes a difference. “Had one been able enough to live up their passion with a bit of courage, life would have been different.” This would be a lifetime regret later on.

So it’s better to have no time for regrets and remorse. Let’s live freely. Live passionately. Live insanely. Let’s turn nomadic. Crazy enough to outpace this world. Just make sure that the fire keeps on burning inside: the fire of passion, that would surely destroy the conventional stereotypes of this ruthless world one day.