I would love you for what you make me feel,
for all your words that add into my zeal,
for your truthful character that makes me kneel,
for your awesome company which is a big deal.

I would poke you for those gifts that you never gifted me,
for all those slips and falls when you never lifted me,
for your false promises where you always drifted me.

I would set a reminder for those days when our love went in vain,
for all those dates when l wanted to strangle you again,
for all those times when your foolishness struck my mind,
for all your baseless judgement that left me blind.

I would miss you
for every moments we had,
for your every jokes that made me mad,
for your absence that turned my days sad,
for your every scoldings that made my mood bad.

You would never know what you mean to me,
You’re not only my sibling born out of same mother,
Something more than a friend,
more than a sister,
l feel blessed to renounce you,