via Daily Prompt: Sacred

“Sacred”- holy, consecrated or revered. The word ‘sacred’ seems so significant and meaningful that it becomes challenging to consider something worth of it. For me, there isn’t anything as sacred as ‘a beautiful soul’.

“A beautiful soul” is  window to the core of humanity. It lets you know every beautiful emotion of mankind, let that be gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, sympathy or love.

“What brings the sanctity in our life?  Isn’t is the feeling of peace, tranquility or serenity that we human seek for? Why do we face hardships? What is the ultimate purpose of those hardships and hard times of our lives?” – The answer is obvious. It  is the peace of mind that we seek for. It is the feeling of satisfaction and happiness that we want.

“But is it okay to get blind over our desires and choose the wrong path for our mere pleasure? Is it alright to forget our morals and ethics when it comes to achieving our desires? What makes us this selfish?” – When I think over these questions, I feel it isn’t our desires that make us selfish or greedy. Instead, it is “the soul” that has surrendered to the cruelty of this materialistic world such that “the soul” itself has forgotten its sacredness.

Had every soul been that beautiful to understand the compassion of humanity, the earth would have been the most sacred place to live in.