via Daily Prompt: Protest


She used to be there,

in my every  morning prayer,

in each of my share,

that l always spared,

for my  best friend, my dear,

who was always my near.


Her smile lightened my world,

her presence sparkled my soul.

Every word she spoke was my song,

every move she took pulled me along.


But all of a sudden, she moved away

leaving me alone, frustrated in dismay,

when l needed her the most on my way.

She acted as if she never knew me before,

she destroyed my world that l always adored.


She moved ahead,

keeping me await.

Yet, I couldn’t protest,

for she took my zest.

Yet, I couldn’t protest,

as she confessed,

what was meant to detest,

as l no longer fit in her world,

I wanted this relation to take some rest.