He, who was a modern day Vanka,

apprenticed to slavery,

defeated by poverty,

kept on missing his home,

on the cold nights of Christmas,

when his master left him bruised and helpless,

out of violence and brutality.

He kept on his missing his home,

where his Christmas used to be happier,

with all the love that he had from his family,

he remembered how he enjoyed those nights ,

thanking for this life,

unless he knew about  the struggles to strive.

He kept on missing his home,

again and again,

till his tears reached into the ocean of pain,

he asked for Santa to arrive for him on this day,

so that he could ask him to find out a way,

to deal with the miseries that lied ahead,

where he no longer needed to struggle for his bread,

with a heavy heart he laid on his bed,

“Grant me this wish, Santa”, again he pled!!!



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