There are Somedays as bright as sunlight. And there are some, as dark as hell.
Sometimes, you feel like you are on the top of this world and sometimes, you feel like you belong nowhere.
These are meant to make you lose your trust over yourself. And then, you feel as if your brain is being sucked out. The pain in your heart traverses across your whole body as if you’re going to have a heart-attack.
You sit down, breathe long and try to console yourself that it’s life and it demands to be moved on.  
But all of a sudden, your feet feel heavy. You can’t move a step further. Your world standstills there. You muse over every details of your past.
You think of every word that you shouldn’t have spoken. You contemplate each of your actions that you shouldn’t have done. You mourn over each of your attempts that remained undone. You regret over each of the tasks that remained unaccomplished. You feel sorry for the relations that you tried to hold on at any cost, though you knew they were not mean to last longer. You feel guilty of yourself, on being distracted for so long.
Yet, you can’t cry over the time that you wasted,
the effort that you made and the difficulties that you have been through.
Sometimes, life feels heavy. But you need to lighten your pace instead of stopping yourself.
Life can’t always be the bed of roses. There are ups and downs to make you tired. There are storms and tsunamis that will blow you away. There are quakes that will make you fall apart into pieces. There are inundations of emotional fragility that you need to overcome. You feel helpless, tired. You want to give up.

QUIIIIIIIIT!- your mind sounds loud but your soul never gives up.
Your soul knows that “giving up” is never a solution. Your need to move ahead. The life demands to be moved on. And you do it.
Bravo! You’re a survivor. You have been fighting innumerable battles in your head everyday.
Yet, you have that courage to keep going on. And  it’s okay to feel low sometimes. Everybody does.
Stay strong.
Life demands more from you.
And remember, you have come across a long way.
You’re a warrior, a survivor.
Brave enough.
Strong enough!