It had been a year since my mom complained of having a back pain. And the pain ranged from a normal localized tenderness  in the back to pronounced ache and loss of flexibility in the back & legs. When she was kept under observation by an orthopedic surgeon, she was diagnosed with “L5-S1 Grade I Spondylolisthesis.” The complexity of spondylolisthesis ranges from grade I (slipping of 1-25% of disc) to V (slipping of 75-100% of disc).  In simple words, spondylolisthesis is forward dislocation of vertebral bone with respect to spine. And fifth lumbar vertebra is the most common site of displacement.

Spondylolisthesis can remain unnoticed, being misinterpreted as common backbone ache. Due to increased physical activities during adulthood and the trauma due to athletic activities; the resultant wear & tear  can cause the problem. However, spondylolisthesis can’t be prevented. But having healthy habits of exercise, maintenance of body weight, body posture, avoiding jerks and compression during mechanical work and proper diet can obviously be a good and healthy choice for oneself.

Though X-ray can be meaningful to find out your stage of spondylolisthesis, an MRI Scan is always recommendable to check if there is any spinal nerve compression. Once you’re diagnosed with the problem, it is almost impossible to have a normal backbone with check-ups and medications. However, you can lead a normal life by taking physiotherapy sessions to direct postural abnormalities.

Spondylolisthesis isn’t that dangerous as the name sounds, if we take care of ourselves in time. Normal therapy sessions can adjust the pain and tenderness in no time , while in other cases, use of NSAIDS like “ibuprofen” along with paracetamol and “ice compression” treatment can help relieve pain. And ultimately, the degenerative spondylolisthesis (in worse case) needs surgery to get addressed.

So, I recommend everyone to have a detailed check up in case of back pain.

Stay healthy. Stay happy. 🙂

(Feel free to ask questions in the comment section, if any, related to the case.)