No matter how near the stars seem to appear, sometimes the distance between them can never be measured. The moon can only intrigue the oceans into tides with its love, but the oceans? They always belong to the earth. The river always keeps on longing for sea, even if the mountain craves all its love for river.

Somethings are never meant to be together, though they seem to fit in perfectly. May be love and togetherness are written in our stars & in our destiny. There is nothing as powerful and equally overwhelming as destiny in this  Calm and composed universe. That’s why the rain still falls for earth when the cloud seems to be desperate for holding it. The snow still melts into river though the grace of mountains lie in it. And why the sun & moon can never be in love together when they both spare their love to enlighten the earth during days & nights?

Sometimes you can’t force your desire against your destiny. Sometimes it is better to let things go. After all, the beauty of life gets revealed only when you let your destiny unravel itself.