As I walked down the memory lane, it was only his memories that l owed. The woods along smelled of him. The lane seemed to continue till eternity, beyond what eyes could see. But a strong belief always persisted in my heart. No matter what, I would continue my journey along this lanes of woods just to feel his presence.

I went through the woods, alone. Yet, never tormented with the feeling of being lonely. I knew he was and would always be near to me. May be his presence didn’t matter much for now, when I had already known that one day, we would walk together on this lane, counting the woods, dark and deep.

He was like a fire. Too bright to be alluring but equally catastrophic to be with. I needed to let him go for he could destroy those dark woods. May be he would return one day when is aura would no longer be destructive and when he would have turned into a soft bright flame, only enough to enlighten this lane of his memories.