There are some days when the sun shines too bright,
And the wind blows too hard
And on the nights when the stars twinkle bright so high
And when the moonlight kisses the earth with a sigh,
I wish you were here too,
To see this charisma of universe.

I know somewhere,
Far from my time and pace,
You must be seeing this too,
May be not in the same way as l do.

For the sun shines like your love does,
The wind blows as such hard as your hatred would.
And when the moon never pauses to love this earth,
And still when the stars shine so bright to soothe the nights of dearth.

I feel the same love in your hatred.
May be the sun and moon feel normal to you.
But l know how much they remind of you.
I know you hate me
But l can never hate you.
I know you see all of them.
May be not in the way l do.
Because you can hate me
But never love me the way l do.