By the seashore
in between the waves,
under the moonlight
& beneath the stars,
we lie together
holding hands
by the sand
in a desolate island.

You lie there
gazing over my eyes
showering your love
that is probably all mine.
I light up the candles
and you hold me tight.
I sing a song for you
on this beautiful night.

You smile right over there
making my heart skip.
I feel like you are what
l’m meant to keep.

The more l see you,
the more l feel you.
I know l love you
the way more l need you.

On this night,
by the moonlight,
l stand by your side.
No matter how hard l tried,
l was defied,
by all your love
that loved me right.
l felt like making you all mine
and that’s when l asked
‘will you be my valentine? ‘ ❤